AxisEuro places particular emphasis on your needs, interests, and wants at all international business levels.

Our Services

We are able to offer the following services and much more:

  • Promotion of a destination and the related tourism products towards the travel industry
  • Market research and analysis including preparation of marketing plans and budgets
  • Development of scheduled sales calls with particular target groups
  • Active participation at selective trade and consumer shows, conventions, seminars, presentations and other targeted activities
  • Coordination of press trips and familiarization tours
  • Organization of press conferences
  • Establishing media plans for the trade and consumer market
  • Permanent maintenance and update of actual contacts
  • Program integration of specialized wholesalers and niche operators
  • Daily fulfillment requests
  • Organizing road shows and sales blitzes throughout the EU according to the established activity plans of the particular destination with wholesalers or own initiatives, depending on the business plan
  • Special promotional mailings to incentive houses and wholesalers with focused packages
  • Translation and design of promotional and collateral material
  • Compilation of detailed reports informing of the developed activities for the organizations based on their needs
  • Holding regular briefings for the development of a contact network with different target groups, trade partners and end consumers
  • Negotiations with airlines for further development of new flight itineraries  geared toward long-haul destinations
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